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When was the last time you replaced your makeup Sistah?

Just like the food in your fridge, your makeup stash will go bad eventually, meaning it’s important to regularly assess the condition of your cosmetics and replace things past their prime.

How Often Should Makeup Be Replaced?

Follow this universal rule: No matter the product, if it smells funny or looks funny (e.g., has started to separate or change color), get rid of it. When in doubt, throw it out. Otherwise, follow these helpful guidelines.

Eye Makeup
It’s most important to be diligent about your eye makeup, particularly mascara and gel eyeliner. Because these products contain water (which is necessary for bacteria to grow) and are applied to skin then dipped back into the container, they’re more prone to microbial contamination recommended time is 3 MONTHS

“You should hear a popping noise every time you open the mascara and pull out the wand,” “If you don’t hear that sound, it means too much air has gotten into the tube and the mascara is old and dried out.” Again, putting you at risk not only for eye issues but also upping the likelihood that your mascara will clump or flake.) Pending any changes in scent or appearance, eyeliner pencils and powder shadows can be used longer—six months to a year—given that they don’t contain water.

Powder Makeup

It’s harder for bacteria to grow in any kind of powder because there’s no water present. That means that powder blushes, bronzers, and foundations are OK to use for nine months up to year. Although, once again, keep an eye out for any changes in how they look. See strange speckling on top of the powder? That’s a buildup of oil that you scrape off with a knife. Depending on how much of the product you have left and how pricey it was, it may just be easier to replace it.

Cream Makeup
Cream formulas (foundations, concealer blushes) contain water so can become problematic. Replace these after about nine months, more frequently if you’re either constantly dipping your fingers into the jar or are dealing with breakout or acne.

Lip Gloss and Lipstick

Lip gloss and lipsticks should be replaced every six months, especially if you’re prone to perleche—cracking, crusting, or irritation in the corners of the mouth caused by bacteria or fungus.“The lip makeup can harbor those microorganisms and reinfect the skin if you’re not careful,” For similar reasons, it’s a good idea to throw out any lip makeup you use while you’re sick or have a cold sore.

LULU TIP; When you open a new make up write its date on its bottom with a fine tip permanent marker or note the date on a piece of masking tape, then stick it on the product.


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