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LULU BEAUTY EMPIRE is a beauty brand having LULU cosmetics , LULU JEWELRY , LULU SKIN and LULU WEAR , which is founded by LULU JORDAN MKINGA who reigns from Tanzania and is currently in China.

“Every lady should enjoy feeling beautiful, special and self empowered “ – LULU

Our beauty company is dedicated to adding to your personal beauty with years of research and hands on experience.

Our Makeup brand promise to be free of harmful chemicals and processes, the highest quality of ingredients and to be as effective as possible.



She started her make up and beauty products business because of her passion and to include all women everywhere who could and could not find beauty products that work for their skin types however her motivation was that she stopped coming up with excuses why she could not start up her own business.

Here is LULU MKINGA’s business story.
Apart from trying other businesses in January 2018 Is when I officially started slowly by developing lipstick and lip gloss formulas at home DIY , I shared with friends and they told me they were good and I should consider sharing my work with other people.

Therefore In May 2018 I started working with a company to develop formulas and launching the final products. Inevitably the first products to launch were LULU LIPSTICKS under the company name LULU BEAUTY PRODUCTS, that is what I could afford by the time and it wasn’t easy because by then just a few people, well my close friends knew about my brand (LULU).

I then started advertising to my friends , classmates and schoolmates (who supported me ).. sometimes I would stay for days, weeks and months with no customers then one of my friends added me in WeChat groups where I was able to advertise my lipsticks.

A country mate of mine was really impressed so she said “LULU this is amazing I will help you distribute in Beijing”, i was very happy as I started seeing a little growth potential. I’m so grateful to this day.

So when I moved to Changchun and as I still didn’t have enough customers in October 2018 so I created a WeChat group chat to give away all my LULU lipsticks with a strong intention to give up the dream, then these pretty ladies from our Mosaic church who got my lipsticks they were excited and they told me “Lulu this is amazing we are waiting for new shades and what about other make up products??“ little did they know that I was giving the lipsticks away because i had given up, anyways they gave me hope and energy to start developing my brand again.

I geared up saved some money, brought more products and I rebranded my company from LULU beauty products to LULU BEAUTY EMPIRE as I knew that an empire will be built not by LULU alone but with other people around me too.