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Lulu holding a compact powder.

There are so many moments when you look for certain make up items in your purse and feel like you’ve taken everything but the essentials. Despite so many days when you’ve cleaned up your purse and only kept what you’ve needed, there’s always that one item you should use but don’t have with you. So, what’s the deal with beauty products and purses?

All women have developed a make-up routine and instinctively known which the safest beauty products are to always carry along. If you consider all the LULU beauty products that come in handy, you might end up with an oversized bag when all you’ve wanted for the day was a small and chic purse. 

So many women carry a foundation in their purse. The product does an excellent job, especially if it’s well-chosen. It covers skin imperfections and balances your complexion. The mineral foundation prevents the formation of excessive oil while moisturizing your skin.

However, there is a product which is easier to apply on the go that is LULU PRESSED POWDER You can discreetly open and apply some powder even when you’re in the cab. It covers blemishes, evens your skin tone and absorbs oil. The Powder also keeps the spilling risk away from your purse. You can use a small quantity of Lulu pressed powder whenever you feel the need to conceal something on your face.

lulu holding a lipgloss

LULU Lipstick always comes in handy, Sometimes the intense color of your lips vanishes right after you eat. On the dark side, lipstick requires a lip liner and more time to apply. Instead, turn to a LULU LIPGLOSS which also helps you define and enhance your lips size.

LULU Lip glosses usually contain a sun protection factor (SPF) which also keep your lips healthy and save you from additionally looking for the lip balm. Your lips remain moist and colored throughout the day. If you keep the lip gloss in a small purse pocket, you also minimize spill risks.

These are some items you can find on LULU’s PURSE. what’s a must have in your purse?

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